Training and Support

Assisting you with programs that are second to none — including two exclusives

Having helped other new Image360 Center owners achieve success across the U.S. and Canada, we know what it takes to get you open and build your business to maximize your opportunity.

Providing initial training

Everyone starts with a New Owner Training class at our Alliance University in Middle River, Maryland. It’s here that we teach you how to successfully run your new sign business. You’ll learn about:

  • Advertising, marketing and promotion
  • Business management, daily operations and product knowledge
  • Customer service, sales processes and point-of-sale training
  • Staffing, hiring practices and employee relations
  • Sign-making skills, processes and opening package production equipment
  • Web-based tools and support
  • And more

Delivering ongoing assistance

We respond quickly to your questions and concerns via calls and emails. We also provide on-site support through visits to your Center by our Home Office staff and field-based consultants. Many on your support team are successful former franchise owners. They understand first-hand the challenges that you’ll encounter. Look to us for programs addressing:

  • eLearning and certifications for all Center staff positions
  • Preferred vendor relations and new product development
  • Marketing your Center’s services to local businesses and organizations
  • Research and development
  • Specialized webinars and field training
  • Technology help-desk support and communications
  • And more

Offering two Image360 exclusives

Many Image360 Center owners choose to participate in two programs that are unique to the industry:

  1. Performance Groups: Five to seven Franchise Members meet twice yearly to discuss all areas of their business. Facilitated by one of our staff, the group acts as a “board of directors” for each other to drive business improvement. Be prepared to dish out — and receive — some “tough love” to and from fellow owners — many of whom will become lifelong friends!
  2. Profit Assessments: A Regional Director conducts an on-site analysis of your Image360 Center in five key areas. You’ll receive a report including specific action steps for improvement. And that’s just for starters. You get assistance in implementing the updates. We’ll also follow-up with you regularly to help ensure they’re working.