The Ideal Franchisee

Providing an overview of your typical daily activities

Beyond opening your doors at 8:30 a.m. and closing them at 5:30 p.m. on Mondays through Fridays, all other aspects of operating an Image360 Center are less certain and more dynamic! Throughout the course of any day, you might expect to:

Address staffing issues.

These include recruiting, training, benefits and more. Image360 Centers typically begin with two employees (including you) and may grow to over 10. New to all this? Don’t worry. We can assist you.

Pursue sales leads.

Some prospects will walk through your doors however the thrust of high-value clients is captured through networking and referrals. Additional business will come from the many promotional programs we administer in support of you. One example? Your locally branded and network-hosted Image360 website.

Oversee signage production.

You and your team will design and produce many graphics, signs and displays “in-house.” The fabrication of others will be outsourced — most often to well-qualified vendors vetted for you by the Image360 network.

Monitor equipment needs.

We stay on top of the newest equipment and latest software. Better yet, we use the power of our network to negotiate advantageous prices if you need upgrades. And, on top of that, we offer ongoing technology help-desk support!

Pack your bags for travel.

While optional, we regularly schedule Franchise Member conventions and other networking opportunities with owners in our system. You’ll join training sessions and meet fellow franchise owners. Through a good mix of recreational activities at these events, you’ll also have a great deal of fun!

Defining the 5 qualities of a successful Image360 Center Owner

No experience in signage or business is required. While Image360 Center owners are widely diverse in their experience, almost all share a number of common qualities. Most owners are:

1. Outgoing

Always ready to shake a hand — and offer a business card — you should genuinely enjoy meeting the new people you’ll encounter at your Image360 Center, on sales calls, in service clubs, as a volunteer or even when waiting in line at the grocery store.

2. Problem solvers

Business owners, marketers, facility managers and event planners will come to you seeking better ways to promote, inform or direct. You’ll work with them to identify their needs, discuss their options graphics, signage and display options, and provide solutions.

3. Attentive to detail

Meeting a prospect and making a sale is just the start of the process. Once you’ve gained an order, you’ll need to shepherd it through design, production, delivery or installation and, of course, billing!

4. Multitaskers

While no Image360 Center owner can be expected to be an expert on every aspect of their Center’s operation, you’ll need to gain a working familiarity with them all.

5. Persistent

To maintain a steady stream of revenue for your Image360 Center, you’ll need to pursue new prospects and follow-up with old clients to check on new opportunities, provide cost quotations and solicit orders. Your Image360 website and the digital marketing techniques we assist you with are key.