What’s The Future of the Signage Industry

franchise trends to watchThree trends to watch

From independent signage providers, network-backed sign franchisees and mom-and-pop shops as well as the multitude of vendors who supply them, everyone with a stake in the signage game is interested in its near-term prospects.

There are three, up-and-coming signage industry developments to keep an eye on:

  1. Expectations for “branded environments” are increasing

Per Sign World in their article, 3 Sign Industry Trends That Could Affect Your Business In 2020, the proliferation of large-format printing technology has dramatically altered modern standards for interior design. Going far beyond the days of plain office spaces with minimal branding, today’s business owners want to build immersive branded environments that express their company’s experience and ethos.

The article notes that, at their core, branded environments are sign systems that combine digital wall murals, dimensional signs, banners, graphics, and freestanding signs to create the desired effect. Such branded environments are especially popular in the retail, corporate, hospitality, and healthcare sectors.

The opportunity for signage providers is significant. Sign World reports that many of the top 100 interior design and branding firms in 2019 have built in-house design teams that specialize in creating branded environments and interior graphics. Their goal? To win contracts with these high-value clients.

  1. Demand for digital signage continues to soar

Digital signs have been gaining popularity for years because of their ability to display bright and dynamic images at reasonable costs via light-emitting diodes (LEDs). But as technology improves and end-user prices continue to drop, the demand for digital signage is rising to new heights.

Signage providers should take note: According to GlobeNewswire, the global digital signage market size is predicted to attain $31.71 billion by 2025.

  1. The “buzz” over architectural wraps is building

While vinyl wraps have been a mainstay for temporary use at indoor events like trade shows for some time, reports Sign World, they’re now becoming increasingly popular at the architectural level.

A report by Sign Research on Digital Print Trends And Technologies In The Sign And Graphics Industry

detailed a number of vinyl innovations that could present exciting opportunities for sign businesses.

The report notes that vinyl for exterior use including building wraps is gaining traction. Signage companies should be aware that many firms are utilizing multiple layers of vinyl and translucent effects to achieve stunning looks on large buildings and glass curtain wall facades.

A concluding word on the future of the signage industry

Owners of Image360 businesses that specialize in the ideation, fabrication and installation of graphics, signage and displays are well-positioned to adapt to and profit from these and upcoming trends in the signage industry.