Myths—And Truths—About Image360 Ownership

Wood sign reads "Truth." Wooden arrow attached above sign pointing to the right, indicates the direction to Truth.When speaking with entrepreneurs who are thinking about entering the sign industry or independent sign shop owners who are considering rebranding to Image360 for all the advantages that brings, we encounter some common misperceptions.

Let’s address these myths here, one-by-one.

Myth: I have to have previous experience making signs.

Truth: We have owners from many walks of life who have come in cold, gone through our training and are today earning a nice livelihood while fulfilling their dreams of business ownership. What will help, however, is if you’ve worked in business or managed people in a corporate role or as part of the military.

Sales skills or an outgoing personality are also big plusses. The most successful Image360 franchise businesses don’t wait for orders to come their way. The owner or sales manager actively pursues opportunities … and profits.

And it’s a collaborative effort. Many centers operate with husband-and-wife teams or even families whose members have complementary skills.

Regardless of experience, one big advantage in aligning yourself with a leading franchise organization like Alliance Franchise Brands (AFB) is the initial and ongoing training you’ll receive. If you have the interest and enthusiasm, we’ll provide the coaching!

Myth: There are too many sign companies already.

Truth: Permanent and temporary signs are always needed by local businesses and organizations. Of course, other entrepreneurs recognize this fact and it’s likely you’ll encounter competitors.

That said, as an Image360 business owner, you’ll “bring to the table” two advantages. A territory where there’s room to prosper and best-in-the-business home-office support.

AFB will advise, alert, inform, train and otherwise assist you like no other! For example, you can expect ongoing advice on technical issues as well as home-office helpdesk support whenever needed.

Greater purchasing power is another Image360 plus. We leverage the size of our franchise network to negotiate excellent pricing on software, equipment and materials that can give you competitive advantage.

One other recent measure of our efforts on behalf of Image360 businesses? The unsurpassed support they received throughout the COVID-19 Crisis.

“The home office’s help with our liquidity was tremendous,” said Jim Elder, owner of Image360 St. Louis West, Missouri. “The guidance they provided made it easy for us to understand the process of applying for assistance.”

With the information provided by AFB, Jim was able to quickly apply for and obtain assistance in the first round of PPP funding—no small feat as many small businesses were unsuccessful at the outset and forced to re-apply weeks later during the government’s second round of funding.

Myth: Sales leads will pour in as soon as my doors open.

Truth: If you’re buying an existing center you’ll likely hit the ground running with an established book of business. You’ll acquire a business (and its list of clients) from a retiring owner.

Whether acquiring an up-and-running center or starting anew, our most successful Image360 owners are active, hands-on leaders. If they aren’t driving sales personally, they have a strong right hand that is, and they’re leveraging their sales and marketing resources.

In fact, sales and marketing support for Image360 centers is world-class. Franchise owners benefit from home-office provided email campaigns, SEO initiatives, web marketing and more.

This assistance was never more appreciated than during the COVID-19 Crisis. An organization-wide Get Back To Business webinar kicked off the effort. It was followed by a steady stream of communications and support materials. These targeted the most promising sectors for the products and services offered by Image360 centers.

“It was fantastic. We appreciated the many get-back-to-business tools,” said Adam Wodka, owner of Image360 South Bay, Manhattan Beach. “These included industry-specific sales sheets, timely marketing material templates and Ready, Get Set, Go! checklists. All helped us transition to regaining sales as restrictions lifted.”

Myth. If I own my own business, I’ll work 24/7.

Truth: Image360 centers maintain business hours Monday through Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. We hear from new and long-time franchise members that an excellent work-life balance is a major plus to business ownership! It’s likely you’ll have plenty of free time to enjoy with family and friends.

That said, as a new owner you’ll probably be motivated to put in longer hours as you learn the ropes.

Then, too, large orders might require some overtime work or efforts on weekends. That’s usually a sign of success. For many, it’s a welcome challenge and one that’s overcome by adding more staff to a steadily growing franchise business!

Like to learn more about the advantages of franchising with Image360?

An Image360 business is a sales-driven, solutions provider in the area of visual communications. We are uniquely equipped to provide our franchise members with an unmatched level of support in the industry.

Drawing from more than 25 years of leadership and innovation in the industry, Image360 is now one of the top business-to-business (B2B) franchises, serving the multi-billion-dollar market for graphic communication services.

Image360 franchise members offer professional graphic communications services to national, regional and local businesses and organizations, including environmental graphics, mobile graphics, way-finding solutions and promotional displays.

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