Make a Company Name That Sells

Make a Company name that Sells

Your company name should be memorable and give the right impression of your services. How do you come up with a marketable name?

What’s in a name?

The goal is to find a name that’s appealing, sticky (memorable) and tells people exactly what your products or services are. You want to stand out from the names of your competitors, but not in a way that makes you obscure.

A good name for any business has to be easy to say, easy to spell and something that lends itself to a web domain (check first to make sure the web domain is available).  Avoid the temptation to limit yourself geographically by including a town in your name or to try and stand out with unusual spellings, like putting a “K” in “Country.”

You should also stay away from made-up words or something generic that doesn’t specify what you’re selling. Although things ultimately worked out for Xerox and Ben & Jerry’s, they’re not exactly the right role models when it comes to naming conventions.

You’ll want to follow a more proven path, and you may want to consider hiring a professional market research firm like we did.

Marketing 101: Make it unforgettable

When Image360 was trying to determine what to name our brand, we went to the professionals. Our market research firm started with what attributes our target demographic values: professionalism, consultation to cater to unique needs, high quality and a local vs. national business presence.

A good name for a sign company very much depends on what that sign company does for its clientele. If it focuses on speed of service, low price or a particular niche in the signage market, these concepts should be considered when coming up with the name.

A name needs to be creative, marketable and, if possible, unforgettable. It should communicate instantly what your business is and what it does.

Behind the Image360 name

The Image360 name tells you two things at a glance: We’re a company that specializes in visuals, and we offer much more than just one product or service – that’s the 360, as in the 360 degrees that describe a full rotation or complete circle.

Our name was created after extensive market research. We wanted our name to communicate the big picture, that ours is a full-service business. We offer complete visual communication solutions — including architectural signage, environmental graphics, outdoor building signs, wall and window graphics, trade show displays and vehicle graphics.

The final step in the naming process

Once you’ve narrowed down your choices, it’s time to check in with your public. Conduct a survey. Ask family and friends. Find out what people do and don’t like.

We did that with Image360, and we’ve never looked back.

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