B2B Franchising: Why It’s the Best Franchise Opportunity

B2B Franchising: Why It’s the Best Franchise Opportunity
Owning a B2B or business to business franchise has many advantages, like working with like-minded business customers who will typically make larger purchases than your average consumer. As a B2B owner, your job is to help other companies grow. If you are considering franchising opportunities, learn why this is such a strong model.

What is a B2B Franchise?

B2B franchises concentrate on selling products and services to other companies. The B2B business model allows you to partner with a brand name to build your business, which focuses on providing services like consulting, insurance and marketing or product specializations like custom signs and graphics, as in the case of Image360.

Benefits of a B2B

There are many advantages to working with other businesses. One of the greatest benefits is the ability to work typical business hours, allowing for a great work-life balance. You can run some B2B businesses from home, which means lower overhead and quick ramp-up possibilities.

Perhaps the greatest appeal of a B2B franchise is the ability to work with like-minded people. Supplying goods and services to other businesses allow you to foster relationships with community business owners like yourself. Networking produces valuable lead generation, which creates recurring revenue opportunities.

Those who do well in B2B industries typically have sales or marketing skills or great business acumen. Understanding how to cultivate business is helpful when building a client list and growing your business.

The Popularity of B2Bs

Owning a B2B franchise means you are able to target small, medium and large-sized companies and help meet their needs. You can focus on certain industries or brands that you know will generate profit. The average ticket price is typically larger in a franchise that caters to other businesses, which means you need fewer customers to provide greater revenue.

B2B Vs. B2C

The difference between B2B and B2C franchises is who the customer is. You are either a franchise providing a product or service to another business (B2B) or to a consumer (B2C).

Benefits of a B2B model include the opportunity to enjoy better profits because you can generally charge higher prices and have more potential for recurring business. The business-to-consumer model is often more direct, based on a one-time transaction with no guarantee of repeat business. B2C is transactional, based on need, with a smaller value, requiring higher customer volume to survive.

What to Expect in a B2B Opportunity

Staying engaged with your current customers in person or online is an important part of growing your business and keeping it. Customers want to feel valued. Businesses are turning to you for your services, and they want to know that relationship is appreciated. There is a balance between keeping current clientele and growing prospects. Because B2B relationships tend to last longer, people skills are important.

Being always ready to shake a hand or make a connection and genuinely enjoying meeting new people is what makes our Image360 Center Owners successful. Our sign franchise is based on providing great customer care. We are a B2B franchise that works with clients to supply graphics, signage and displays from inception to installation.

If you are interested in owning a successful business-to-business franchise and want to learn more about purchasing, converting or adding on an Image360 Center, submit this form and gain instant access to our downloadable franchise kit. Once you’ve had a chance to review it, we’ll contact you to start a conversation.