Go Solo vs. Franchise: Choosing the path that will let you sleep better at night

If you are intent on owning your own business, you’ll soon come to a fork in the road. Should you go it alone as an independent? Or, will you be better off acquiring a franchise?

There are plusses and minuses to each option, of course. For example, an independent business will be more economical, at least in the short term. After all, you’ll avoid the initial franchise fee.

On the negative side, you’ll be operating without the safety net that a franchising network offers. Your accountant, friends or spouse may provide general business advice, but you’ll have no one to show you the ropes that are specific to your store, service or industry.

Franchising will let you sleep better at night. If researched well, you’ll select one with a proven business model. What’s more, you’ll benefit from initial training and ongoing support. Want to see what a day in the life of an Image360 owner is like?

Encounter a challenge or have a question? You’ll receive a useful answer soon if not immediately!

Need some new software, equipment, or supplies? Any network worth its salt will have researched the best options and have negotiated advantageous pricing for its Franchise Members.

Care not to spend weekend hours monitoring industry trends. Specialists in your field, you can rely on a good franchisor to alert you to key developments and best practices.

Many — but not all — franchising organizations will also help you when you least expect it: years down the road when you’re ready to retire. How? By advertising your business for sale and even directing qualified prospects through your door!

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