How to Grow a Sign Business: 5 Marketing Tips

How to Grow a Sign Business: Five Marketing Tips

No matter what business you’re in, you’ve got to promote your brand to let prospective clients know about you. Ironically, someone who owns a sign business and helps other companies market themselves through signage might need some fresh promotional ideas themselves. Visual advertising is a competitive industry, and you need to pull out all the stops to show off your work.

There are many low-cost, high-impact ideas you can capitalize on to grow your bottom line. Use your strengths to promote yourself. For more tangible ideas about how to grow a sign business and increase its value, check out these marketing tips.

Marketing Ideas for Sign Company

  1. Social Media: Platforms like Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn do more than just connect us socially. These social media sites can serve as inexpensive marketing tools for savvy business owners, and they become even more powerful tools when you invest your marketing dollars into targeted ad campaigns. These platforms allow your audience to grow exponentially worldwide. You start off with a grassroots social media campaign to build your list of followers, i.e., potential customers. Once that list has grown, it makes sense to include paid ads to boost your reach and pinpoint your target audience. Your posts should be concise and engaging, showcasing your signs. Consistently post and update often. Provide client testimonials and exhibit your work.
  • Brand Your Brand: When the opportunity arises, each sign you create should be tagged with your company’s logo. This creates visibility when people see signs you’ve designed for other companies. That visual image of your company logo gives potential buyers recall when the opportunity arises for them to buy. This is a great way to be top of mind with possible purchasers.
  • Email: Sign business owners know that the majority of your business comes from a small percentage of your steady customers. Therefore, it’s essential to keep a database of clients and email them newsletters with new industry information, promotions, and ideas for their business. This keeps customers engaged and elevates your standing as a credible expert.
  • Customer Loyalty: Speaking of those loyal patrons, why not reward them for every new customer they bring into the store? A small discount on their next order as a thank-you for the word-of-mouth advertising is a nice perk, and referral programs are great incentives that can produce a significant outcome.
  • Videos: In this high-tech age, you want to increase your digital footprint as much as possible. Utilizing SEO, or search engine optimization, helps your website be more visible when people are Googling services and products like those you offer. Creating videos relating to your company is one way to boost SEO. Producing simple, short videos, like a behind-the-scenes look at how a sign is manufactured, can result in more eyes on your site and lead to more business for your company. Again, utilize your visuals since that’s the core of your business. 

The Image 360 Franchise

If you’re still unsure of how to grow a sign business, you can always consider the franchising route. At Image360, we are able to successfully market ourselves to a wide audience thanks to being part of the larger Alliance Franchise Brands family. Alliance Franchise Brands has adopted a co-branding franchise strategy and supports three signage and graphics brands, which means we are able to meet our customer’s needs for graphics, signage and displays from one convenient source.

Image360 is a sales-driven solutions provider in the area of visual communications. Drawing from more than 25 years of leadership and innovation in the industry, Image360 is now one of the top business-to-business (B2B) franchises in the multi-billion dollar market for graphic communications services.

Image360 Franchise Members offer professional graphic communications services to national, regional, and local businesses and organizations, including environmental graphics, mobile graphics, way-finding solutions, and promotional displays.

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