How to Sell Signs in Today’s World

How to Sell Signs in Today’s World

Signs are all around us. They serve a myriad of purposes like advertising a brand, giving directions, warning of unsafe conditions, just to name a few examples. Signs are one of the most effective types of communication we have. Which is why every company uses signs. Entrepreneur magazine says signage can increase brand awareness by nearly 50% and boost average purchase amount by nearly 30%. It can also improve the customer experience and even increase sales and loyalty.

Why? There is a science of signage. People are 65% more likely to remember visual information three days later than auditory or written material, because 90% of information transmitted to brain is visual. Visual images are processed faster in the brain than text. Signs will always be in demand.

These are compelling facts that indicate the lucrative opportunities afforded by owning a sign franchise. But like any business, you have to know how to reach your customers. Here are some effective ideas on how to sell signs:

Identify Vertical Markets

As a company trying to figure out how to sell signs, consider your great vertical markets or your potential purchasers. Although most consumers will at some point be in the market to purchase a sign, you’ve got to hit the markets where you’ll find repeat buyers with high-volume needs. Simple. What businesses use the most signs? A few good options include ad agencies, banks, colleges, hospitals, event planners, school districts and large retail accounts.

Create an Effective Sales Funnel

Once you know who your target client is, it’s time to strategize about how to create an effective sales funnel. This is the tool used to upsell and retain buyers to maintain a steady revenue stream while you grow the business.

There are three stages to the funnel that help you organize your sign sales plan: awareness, interest, and action.

Step One: Awareness. Enlist the help of your sales team to knock on doors. Even though we have to be careful doing business in person these days, there are times when face-to-face human contact just works. Email marketing is also an effective way to grab the attention of potential purchasers. It delivers the highest ROI of all marketing channels.

Step Two: Interest. When your prospective buyer is showing interest, it’s time to address the client’s pain points. Explain how your sign company can solve their specific problems in the marketplace.

Step Three: Action. This is the last step; make it or break it time. The client either declines or takes you up on the offer. A good salesperson at this stage, isn’t just looking at the purchase today, but future purchases; client retention.

Sales Team and Sales Management

So much of the finesse of sign sales depends on hiring the right people and making sure management is taking good care of them. You need to hire a sales manager with experience in the sign industry, as well as high-performance sales and management skills.

From there, let your sales manager be a part of hiring, training and retaining your sales force. While there are many intricacies to sales, business acumen is vital.  Your team should be very aware of the sales funnel described above, with a strategy in place to increase your client base while retaining existing customers.

Finally, the sales team needs clear KPIs to track sales performance and celebrate accordingly.

Image360 Franchise Model

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